The SoapFIT Story

In September 2018, Anna and her Dad were flicking through Netflix looking for a film to watch. 'Not this one - not that one,' were the usual refusals to agree on a film until they found The Redeemed and the Dominant. Suspecting that this was an Arnie-type action flick, Dad pressed play!

As the film began, Anna and Dad were introduced for the first time to the sport of CrossFit and this is where it began. Within a few minutes, whilst watching new names appear like Katrin Davidsdottr, Mat Fraser, Tia Toomey and Sam Briggs, Dad googled the nearest box and found CrossFitLST. 

A few days later, Dad was inducted into the CrossFit regime and Anna and Isaac quickly followed into CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Outwork and they've never looked back!

After a few months and some very exhausting workouts, Anna made the observation that started the journey. 'Dad,' she said, 'There's all this stuff to help - T-Shirts, protein bars, drinks - but what's the first thing people do after a workout?' Whilst fighting to extract the last lungful of oxygen from the room, Dad, flat on his back managed to exclaim 'No Idea!' 'Get a shower!' declared Anna - 'We should make some athletes soap!' 

After some early test runs, Anna and Isaac were given a business plan model of the who, what, when, how and why's and came up with the naming, branding, designs and products themselves. Not bad for 8 and 10 years old! 

They have since designed four unique blends of soap, all designed for post-workout recovery, a solid shampoo bar, a hand-salve recovery aid and a massage balm! Each is designed, blended and created using the highest quality, vegan ingredients and scented with 100% essential oils. 

Anna and Isaac love creating their products and manage a range of market events, CrossFit competitions and online sales very well! With growing interest and recognition in their values of high-quality, vegan products and recyclable packaging, they are on an exciting journey with SoapFIT!