The RX SoapFIT Collection

The RX SoapFIT Collection

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The big-hitter, the WOD-finishing, RX-attempting go-getter, that includes one of everything in our range! This package RRP's at £27.00 individually, but bought together as a package offers a great price on the SoapFit range! The pack includes:

- The Hartsdottir bar (100g) scented with Lemongrass, Neroli and Ginger

- The Sigmunsdottir (100g) scented with TeaTree, Cedar and Pine

- The Davidsdottir (100g) scented with Neroli (Spanish Bitter Orange Blossom)

- The Thorisdottir (100g) scented with Clementine and Grapefruit

- The shampoo bar (100g) scented with Lime, Bergamot, Ginger and Cardamom

- The RigWork Hand Saver (45g) natural hand salve, scented with Neroli

- The post-workout Massage Balm (100g) scented with TeaTree, Cedar and Pine

Everything you need to keep you refreshed and ready for the next workout!